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Have a Glorious Christmas in St. Gallen

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, and while many people stay home or visit family for this holiday, there are others that will travel the world. While anywhere could be a fantastic destination for the Christmas holidays, St. Gallen is one of the best options of them all.

The Old Town in St. Gallen is full of houses that are more than a century old, and while they look marvelous at any time of the year, they look even better during the snow filled winter months. The ambiance of St. Gallen also becomes more festive as snow covers the streets and the community ventures outside to enjoy the festivities of the holiday season.

One of the best sights in St. Gallen during Christmas is the humongous Christmas tree that can be found in front of the Abbey of St. Gallen. This is the largest Christmas tree in Switzerland and it is lit up by more than eighteen thousand lights during the Christmas season.

No one ever misses the Christmas tree in St. Gallen, not only because of its size, but its location. After all, everyone can spot the Abbey of St. Gallen, and most likely, the Abbey is on everyone’s must-see attraction list when they are in town.

However, there are many Christmas items that a person may never know about within St. Gallen unless they take a tour dedicated to the Christmas season. This tour begins at the Bodensee Tourismus in St. Gallen and guests are taken through both the Old Town and Abbey Districts. During this time, everyone hears about the little anecdotes and information about past Christmases in this area. At the end of the tours, everyone can enjoy a nice hot drink as well as some yummy Christmas cookies.

One of the best parts of a glorious Christmas in St. Gallen is the Christmas market. This year, the market opens on November 30th and closes on the 23rd of December, and as more than seven hundred stars glisten and shine over St. Gallen, the lights begin to glow in the streets of St. Gallen.

People set up their stalls along the narrow streets and decorate them to stand out from all the rest. The first market is located on Waaghaus and the other two are in Bohl and the Market Square. There are normally seventy stalls in all between the three locations and they all sell traditional Christmas items.

The locals of St. Gallen celebrate Advent during the time that the Christmas market is open and there are many other activities that take place during that time. Choirs can be heard singing, while other groups read stories about the season. Homemade products can be found at the Christchindli market on a couple of Saturdays and people flock there for the mulled wine, mulled beer, and other specialty items.

The most popular activity during this time of the year though is the Chlausritt. This is when Father Christmas, along with his angels and Santa’s helpers, ride in a parade throughout the city. There is something magical about this event and the look on everyone’s faces, especially the children’s, as they see Father Christmas up close is priceless.

No one will want to go to St. Gallen for just one day during the Christmas holiday season, because there is so much to see and do. The Oberwaid St. Gallen is the perfect place for people to put their feet up and relax in between all the Christmas activities.

People can check into this hotel and immediately feel at home as they are walking to their room. The rooms and suites are large, and many of them offer splendid views of the grounds that surround Lake Constance. While the rooms are beautiful, no one is going to want to spend hours upon hours in them. Therefore, everyone will want to venture out to the spa for a treatment or two before heading into town.

After all, the holidays are a time to relax and get reenergized, so the spa at the Oberwaid St. Gallen is the perfect choice. There are numerous types of massages and body treatments available, and it may be possible that a guest could have a difficult time choosing one from the large list. Everyone can begin their time at the spa with a long luxurious swim in the heated indoor pool and then head in for their treatment. Afterwards, they will want to sit in the spa garden, so that they can soak in the last few minutes of peace and tranquility before continuing back to their real life.

Between exploring the Christmas sights in the town and partaking in spa treatments, guests of the Oberwaid St. Gallen will find themselves quite busy. While they may be tempted to grab a bite to eat wherever they find themselves during the day, they would be better off eating at the Oberwaid Restaurant. The restaurant offers delicious cuisine that features the SMART cuisine concept that the hotel has created. They want their guests to live healthy lives, so they came up with this concept to ensure that all their guests ate healthy foods while staying with them.

The Oberwaid restaurant offers dishes that are full of venison, seafood, cheese, and hearty farm fresh vegetables. There are not too many extra ingredients in each dish, but the individual flavors of each ingredient are rich and robust when combined.

The dining area at the Oberwaid restaurant may seem massive, but it is set up to create a cozy feeling where guests can sit and talk without worrying about being overheard or watched. The staff believes that every guest is family, so they go above and beyond to ensure that everyone’s meals are exactly what they want.

Anyone that doesn’t want to sit inside the restaurant will find that they will love the adjoining bar and lounge area. This is where everyone can meet up with family and friends to enjoy a drink and conversation.

The holidays are special, and it is a time where people want to be with family and friends while celebrating life. Everyone can enjoy a glorious Christmas in St. Gallen and after one visit, they may find that they have a new tradition that they want to continue with in the future.