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Enjoy Life with Summer & Winter Sports at Atzmännig St. Gallen

The fun and excitement began at Atzmännig in 1961 when the first ski lift was installed. Since that time, it has become a premier location for not only skiers, but anyone who wants to participate in numerous types of sports.

During the nicer months of the year, people will flock to Atzmännig to tackle the challenge of the Rope Park. The Rope Park has eight different courses and each one requires different skills along with coordination. Each course takes approximately a half hour to complete, and everyone will enjoy the highlight of the attraction, which is the Tarzan Swing.

While climbing along the Rope Park is fun during the day, many people will want to see if they can conquer their fear of heights in the dark. Night climbing is offered every year from May through September, and everyone seems to go back for more once they achieved their goal.

For those who are not sure if they can handle the heights of the Rope Park, the Toboggan Run is much closer to the ground. Guests will ride the chairlift to the top of the slopes and then rush down the mountain through the tunnels to the bottom. The distance of this ride is more than seven hundred meters and riders will need to cross creeks and deal with steep banked bends before they eventually reach their destination at the bottom of the mountain.

More entertainment can be found at the Amusement Park at Atzmännig, and there are fourteen different attractions for people to choose from. Some of the favorites include the Spatz Männi Adventure Trail, the Slide Tower, the Ship Pond, and the Monza Train. Everyone will want to try them all to find their must-do again and again attraction.

Not everything at Atzmännig needs to include rides and attractions. In fact, many people simply enjoy hiking the spectacular trails that can be found in this area. The shortest trail takes just under an hour to complete, while the longer ones can take up to four hours. Each one offers breathtaking views of the surrounding areas, but everyone will want to try to get to where they can see Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

During the months of June through October, guests can experience a new kind of hiking expedition. This is the time of year that the Birds of Prey show takes place at Atzmännig, and one of the options is hiking with these magnificent creatures. The tour takes approximately two hours and guests follow a falconer as everyone watches the behavior of the birds. Anyone who doesn’t want to do a hike can simply sit back and relax while watching the professional air show. The birds perform daring flight maneuvers as well as dives where they are going more than one hundred and fifty kilometers an hour. It is definitely an amazing thing to see and people learn quite a bit about these creatures during both the show and the hike.

The chairlift can be used to reach the top of the mountain for many of these above activities, but it is also used during ski season. After all, everyone loves to go skiing in Switzerland, so why not do it on these wonderful mountains! The chairlifts in Atzmännig have been taking skiers up to the top for more than six decades now, and people can even experience night skiing.

Snowboarding is becoming immensely popular nowadays, and Atzmännig has space for everyone who wants to participate in this activity. People can snowboard during the day or at night when the slopes are lit up brightly against the nighttime sky.

The Oberwaid St. Gallen is the perfect hotel destination for any sporting event at Atzmännig. The comfortable beds in the rooms as well as the beautiful calm natural setting will make everyone feel at home after they leave the slopes for the day.

Injuries do occur when people play sports, whether it is skiing, snowboarding, rope climbing, tobogganing, or more, and that is where the wellness clinic at the Oberwaid St. Gallen will come in handy. This wellness clinic is the perfect location for people who are injured or not feeling their best, as they offer the ultimate in care and treatment. The staff focuses on each individual person and creates a treatment plan to get everyone back to where they need to be.

Everyone who spends time at the wellness clinic will find themselves changing their mindset as to how they want to live their life, and they will all leave with a different outlook on life. It is possible for a person to be in the worst shape possible when they enter the wellness clinic, but with a lot of hard work and the right treatments, they can walk out feeling much better than they ever have.

The spa at the Oberwaid St. Gallen also plays a part in keeping guests healthy and happy. They offer a plethora of massage and treatment options that people can choose from. In fact, this should be one of the first places that people consider going after a long day at Atzmännig. Bodies can be worked on, muscles relaxed, and minds healed with any of the spa packages.

Eating properly is important when participating in any type of sport, and that is why everyone will want to dine at the Oberwaid Restaurant. This restaurant serves delicious meals that feature simple ingredients that are full of intense flavors. No one can ever turn down an amazing meal at the Oberwaid Restaurant, even if they are completely spent from a day on the slopes.

Spending time outdoors can be a lot of fun as long as people are at Atzmännig, because there is a ton of things to do there at any time of the year. It is amazing how they began as a ski destination and quickly turned into a place that everyone could enjoy throughout the year.

With so much action, everyone will want to venture over to Atzmännig for their next vacation, so that they can experience all this excitement for themselves.