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Classic Fine Dining Swiss Cuisine Offered by Restaurants in St. Gallen

St. Gallen has a great array of local attractions, like The Seeblick Restaurant at the Oberwaid Hotel, the renowned hotel and resort with stunning views and moments away from the Abbey of Saint Gall, to name a few. But did you know that it is quite famous for its fine dining offerings, too? In fact, the city is home to some of Switzerland’s finest restaurants where you can enjoy Swiss cuisine and a range of international favourites in a classic, relaxing setting. Some of the best fine dining Swiss restaurants have reinvented the experience of enjoying food by combining great ambience with an innovative menu selection and preparation methods. Meals are prepared by some of the rising-star chefs in the country, too, so you can expect only the best food and dining experience in these restaurants in St. Gallen.


The finest restaurants in St. Gallen boast stunning architectural details, with interiors showcasing a modern flair. High ceilings and generous windows create an airy and light ambience that will make you feel relaxed while enjoying the masterpiece that is on your plate. Some of the best restaurants have their own well-stocked bar and lounge areas where you and your friends or loved ones can meet for some beers, wines, and spirits.


Food is the star of the show in St. Gallen’s finest restaurants, of course. Entrees and courses are made with many different cheeses, the finest seafood, and venison, among others. The menu revolves around the season and what is available from local suppliers—from carefully handpicked farm-grown vegetables all the way to salmon. Curious diners find themselves coming back for more because the food is always new and exciting. The best fine dining Swiss restaurants are also perfect venues for celebrating special occasions.


The finest restaurants in St. Gallen represent some of the best that Swiss hospitality has to offer. They make sure that diners feel like family and that they are treated well. They are so good at this to the point that some guests may never want to leave. Exquisite food is enjoyed until the last morsel, and diners are left with an awareness of what great cooking and good food mean.


Reputable classic fine dining Swiss restaurants in Gallen maintain the highest culinary standards by practising the SMART Cuisine concept, which is based on combining up-to-date nutritional insights with individual ingredients’ healing properties. The menu is designed to satiate the mind, body, and spirit, and food is created to preserve every ingredient’s natural vitamin content and benefits. Esteemed restaurants that practise SMART Cuisine are certified by Goldener Fisch and Culinarium.