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>>>Oberwaid Health Package

Cope better with stress with the Oberwaid health package

Do you suffer from chronic stress and exhaustion? Are things getting on top of you and leaving you less and less able to cope? Take action right now to protect your well-being and preserve your health by signing up for the Oberwaid – Health Resort & Private Clinic’s prevention program.
The Oberwaid health package is a 7, 14, or 21 day retreat designed to prevent stress-related disease and burnout. The aims are to enable you to manage stress better and restore your vitality and enjoyment of life. Treatment will be provided to meet your individual needs following scientific assessment of your personal stress burden and stress management abilities. Our team of counsellors and professionals with experience in burnout prevention will help you to restore your balance and deal with the harmful effects of stress before it’s too late: high blood pressure, weight gain, spending too much time on the internet, lack of exercise or excessive exercising. The Oberwaid health package enables you to choose the elements that are right for you.

Oberwaid Fitness Schwimmen

“relaxed and mobile”

Exercise – but do it right!
Discover Exercise that is effective but not excessive


“lighter living”

Lose weight and beat stress!
Individual SMART Cuisine nutrition and exercise plan


“more relaxing sleep”

Have you been sleeping badly lately?
Break out of the vicious circle of stress for more relaxing sleep!


“quality time offline”

Do you spend too much time on the internet?
Time to take some “quality time offline”.


Why choose an Oberwaid health package?

Stress is unavoidable and an essential part of a lively and interesting life. But to stay healthy and on top of things, it’s important to actively deal with stressful situations with serene acceptance in a creative transformation process. If you don’t succeed, you risk developing an unfavourable chronic stress response marked by anxiety, demanding too much of yourself, anger, hurt feelings, withdrawal and exhaustion to the point of burnout.
Chronic, unresolved stress results in impaired cognitive and physical functioning and mental well-being. The physical consequences of stress are exhaustion, pain symptoms such as tense muscles, susceptibility to infection, insomnia, and metabolic disorders associated with weight problems and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Mental effects may include a lack of motivation and drive, dark moods and irritability, anxieties and self-doubt.
The Oberwaid burnout prevention health package gets to the root of the problem. You learn to manage your individual stressors actively and develop key coping skills for self-care.
Just as our stressors and stress responses are individual, so too are the strategies – beneficial or harmful – that people use to combat stress. Accordingly, we offer you the opportunity to set your own priorities to tackle your little “weaknesses” effectively and sustainably.

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Dr. med. Hildburg Porschke
MD Vice CEO and Vice Medical Director
oder T + 41 (0)71 282 0714