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>>>"more relaxing sleep"

Back to a healthy night’s sleep with the Oberwaid “more relaxing sleep” health package

Have you been sleeping badly lately? Has this been going on for a long while? Do you feel tired and stressed all the time? Chronically disturbed, restless sleep, taking a long time to fall asleep and waking up too early in the morning are common initial symptoms of chronic stress. Sleep problems culminate in a mentally exhausting cycle of lack of rest and recuperation, daytime sleepiness and poor work performance. You take longer to get things done and the quality of your work goes downhill. The Oberwaid health package with the focus on “more relaxing sleep” helps you break out of the vicious circle of stress, sleep deprivation and poor performance.

Warum eine Oberwaid-Kur mit dem Schwerpunkt “erholsamer schlafen”?

Ein Tiefschlafmangel hat nicht nur Tagesmüdigkeit zur Folge, sondern auch Reizbarkeit und emotionale Instabilität, Minderung der kognitiven Leistungsfähigkeit und Arbeitseffizienz. Insbesondere die Gedächtnisleistung, Lernfähigkeit, Flexibilität und Entscheidungsfähigkeit sind betroffen. Daraus resultieren häufig Selbstzweifel und Versagensängste. Aufgrund einer zunehmenden Schmerzempfindlichkeit entwickeln sich Schmerzsymptome, wie Schulter-Nacken-Beschwerden und Kopfschmerzen. Häufig führt dies in einen Teufelskreis von längeren Arbeitszeiten, hoher Anspannung, Unsicherheit, Ängsten und noch schlechterem Schlaf.

Die Oberwaid-Kur bietet die Basis für eine bessere Stressverarbeitung  und Fähigkeit zur Distanzierung. Mit Hilfe schlaffördernder und distanzierender Techniken erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihren Schlaf wieder in erholsame Bahnen lenken können.

Holistic analysis of your stress burden:

  • Lactate monitoring and training tips help to figure out how physically fit you are
  • Analysis of individual autonomic nervous system response to stress through HRV analysis
  • Cardiovascular risk analysis throughAnkle-brachial index measurement
  • Analysis of stress perception through scientific assessment of individual stress burden and stress management abilities

Holistic analysis of your stress management abilities:

  • Individual coaching incl. Joint assessment of test results, analysis of individual stressors, stress risks and resources as well as identification of ways to strengthen your resilience
  • Introduction to accredited active and passive stress coping methods like autogenic training, PMR and other relaxation techniques and also massage as an initial relaxation technique
  • Exercise in the Oberwaid gym for beneficial activation
  • Wellness in the Tau spa for deeper relaxation
  • SMART Cuisine: delicious and nutritious

Additional services depending on your chosen priorities:

Additional services depending on your chosen priorities

“relaxed and mobile”

  • MTT (medical training therapy) based on your individual exercise plan
  • Physiotherapy or lymphatic drainage
  • Biofeedback-supported relaxation training
  • Supplementary option: postural analysis (DIERS®)

“lighter living”

  • Specific check-up with analysis of body composition (BIA)
  • Coaching from a dietitian
  • Individual nutrition and exercise plan
  • Supplementary option: cookery course

“more relaxing sleep” 

  • Sleep diagnosis with analysis of your individual sleep profile
  • Specific coaching to improve your sleeping habits

“quality time offline”

  • Specific behavioural analysis and coaching
  • Learn alternative coping strategies
  • Reactivate resources (art or individual body therapy)

Hotel Rates

Medical and hotel prices are listed separately for health retreats. The room rates are as indicated for the chosen room category with the following discounts: 10% for weeks 1 and 2 and 15% from week 3.


Medical rates: basic flat rate for a health package

Week 1 (7 days): CHF 1´400 per person (flat rate)
Every additional week: CHF 840 per person (flat rate)

Additional charge per chosen specialist package (valid for the first week, then individual planning):

“relaxed and mobile” CHF 300 per person (flat rate)
“more relaxing sleep” CHF 300 per person (flat rate)
“lighter living” CHF 300 per person (flat rate)
“quality time offline” CHF 300 per person (flat rate)

The above rates include value-added tax. City tax of CHF 2.50 per person per day will be charged separately. You may choose specific Tau Spa treatments separately and book them prior to your arrival.


We are happy to welcome you from Mondays to Thursday starting from 2 p.m.

Personal briefing

We highly recommend a personal medical briefing so that we can determine your individual needs and address them in the proposed treatment package.

Reimbursement of costs

Some expenses for preventive treatment are reimbursed in Switzerland in private supplementary insurance plans. Ask your health insurance provider for more information. You will receive confirmation of the medical services in your health dossier.

We are currently offering a 4-day Oberwaid introductory health package: