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Overnight Stays in Bodensee

Overnight stays in Bodensee are popular amongst those who need a quick getaway to recharge or those who are traveling from one destination to another in the Lake Constance region. The area is easy to reach and there is plenty to do in St. Gallen to keep everyone busy for a day or two.

When people arrive for an overnight stay in Bodensee, they will want to check into the Oberwaid Hotel Bodensee. This hotel is the perfect place for an evening’s stay, as the check in process is simple and the staff is very accommodating. The entire hotel is open and bright, and everyone loves how spacious the rooms and suites are, especially for an overnight stay.

Anyone arriving later in the day will appreciate the on-site fine dining restaurant and the chefs that serve delicious cuisine. They may even find that there is time to go to the spa for a quick treatment before they need to go to the restaurant for their dinner.

It can be quite difficult to decide on what to do in St. Gallen in such a short amount of time, but no one will want to miss the Abbey Library of St. Gall. The collection of books is one of the oldest in the world and it dates as far back as the 8th century Carolingian monastery. There are more than one hundred and fifty thousand books and almost all of them are significant in some way.

The Old Town of St. Gallen is easy to explore, as there are no cars allowed in the historic area. The unique feature that everyone loves in Old Town is the ornate oriels, or bay windows, on the old houses. There are more than one hundred of them and they were created back in the 16th and 17th centuries. Most of them are painted bright colors, so they are not difficult to spot when taking a stroll through the area.

The Textilmuseum can easily be seen during an overnight stay in Bodensee, and it is an excellent place to learn more about the history of embroidery and St. Gallen’s textile industry. There are numerous displays of historic embroidery as well as ancient textiles from Egyptian tombs.

Anyone that wants to spend some time outside will want to venture over to the Stadtlounge, which is an outdoor living room where many of the locals hang out. This is a great place to immerse oneself with the locals and meet new people. Everyone may learn something new about the town or find out about a new place that they must visit when they are there.

After a quick break, everyone can go into the Natural History Museum to learn more about the minerals, animals, and other natural elements that have historical interest within the area and the country. The relief map of St. Gallen and the Appenzell cantons is the largest one in the country and people also find the almost complete skeleton of the edmontosaurus fascinating.

Overnight stays in Bodensee are fabulous, as people can find many things to do without feeling too overwhelmed or rushed. Everyone will leave the area feeling relaxed and calm, which is always the goal of any overnight stay.