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Lake Constance – A Summer Destination for Sailing, Windsurfing, and Swimming!

If you are a travel freak who loves to go on adventure-filled trips, then look no more. This summer, there is no need to spend hours on Google searching where to go. Get ready for a holiday of a lifetime because we are going to give you a complete guide on Lake Constance in Switzerland which is a joyful delight for many travel lovers.

Before we dive into the details, let’s have a look at the history of Lake Constance.

The Historical Significance of one of Europe’s Largest Lakes


Lake Constance was home to countless civilizations back in the Bronze Age. It was later discovered by the Romans in 43 AD.

This is the third largest lake in central Europe and probably the only lake which provides a common point to three different countries. These include Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the principality of Liechtenstein. It consists of three bodies of water. The largest eastern section, Obersee, joins with the smaller section Untersee and it stretches over 4km. Locals call it by the name of ‘Bodenesee’ and this attractive place has many awe-inspiring spots that are bound to cast a spell on you.

Foodies, get into action because hotels in St Gallen have a unique collection of wine and a lot of tasty cuisines. Here you will have a hard time selecting from a wide range of delicious food from German, Italian and Asian inspired restaurants.

It has a lot to offer mostly during summer, but you can visit anytime of the year because a wide series of festivities occur all year round, so there is no need to meticulously plan your vacation for a specific time.


If you want to have a closer look at the lake, it can be easily done by boat. It will be an experience memorable for many. If you come in May or June, the main routes will be Überlingen, Lindau, Konstanz, and Kreuzlingen. You can have trips of your own kind on numerous ferries that even offer to lift cars from one point of the lake to another.

A Paradise for Sailors and Swimming Enthusiasts

It is indeed an inspiring location for all swimmers, windsurfers, and sailors!

Many tourists prefer it because of its exceptional windy atmosphere and undulating landscapes with the famous regattas. The balanced wind provides an ideal location for both beginners and expert sailors, who can wander around the lake all day long. Here, Europe’s oldest and longest distance race is held with a large number of teams to compete. Many dedicated sailors from all around the world come and take part in this particular ancient event.

The Highlights of Lake Constance

Gemeindehafen und Inseli hafen Romanshorn is an exceptionally large port with marvellous infrastructure. Here, everything desired is within your reach. Another resort, Sportboothafen, the second largest city in Bodensee district, is right adjacent to lido. It is a 25 minute walk from the city centre. The city’s gothic building is an attraction for many.

Do not forget to see the Abbey Library of St Gallen, the oldest and largest library in the world. Furthermore, you can also visit a UNESCO World Heritage site or spend an entire day at the amazing Rhine waterfall. The most fun part will be viewing the lake from above with pristine views.

Accommodation was never that comfy

Before you finalize your trip, where ever you are, choose a hotel that fits your plan. It has some of the most lavish and luxury hotels that come with affordable prices for all kinds of classes. It has some of Europe’s best accommodation services, some right besides the lake while some can be further away, but still will be worth the price. Amongst one of the many inexpensive ones, there is the Oberwaid hotel st gallen that provides various top-notch facilities like childcare, smoke-free guest room, fine dining, a full-service spa and in and outdoor pools. The specialty of the Oberwaid hotel is that it has great attractions nearby that will not be heavy on your budget. Some of them are St. Gallen’s small theatre, trade fair, and wild parks as well as the heritage town.

You Ideal Summer Trip!

During the summer months, you can visit the magnificent beaches and go for a boat trip. If you are an aspiring photographer, you can take several photos of breath-taking marvels. Moreover, if you prefer peace and quiet, you can simply gaze at the surroundings and reflect on life as Switzerland is known to be one of the most peaceful destinations. This experience is going to provide you a memory of a lifetime by traveling to one of the most fascinating places and witnessing ancient buildings. You can swim in the lake all you want, enjoy your summers like never before and later describe little interesting anecdotes from your trip to your friends!