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The finest restaurant in St. Gallen at The Oberwaid

It’s not uncommon for diners to leave not only feeling satiated and extraordinarily pleased with their meal, but also recapping the courses as though they had been part of a gala event, and the stage for this particular experience: the table before them.

The Oberwaid, nestled in the heart of historic St. Gallen, is a restaurant that one must try in order to truly understand how magnificent the offerings, how courteous the staff, and how inviting the atmosphere. A St. Gallen restaurant that truly has made a name for itself, the establishment is marked by its uniquely bold contrasting architectural elements and of course, its unparalleled culinary creations.

Banks of huge glass windows encapsulate this restaurant, while an open concept dining area and the latest in high end design accentuates the true grandeur of this establishment. Combined with distinctive modern architectural features, all of the components of this St. Gallen restaurant’s décor bespeak originality, vibrancy and certainly just a wonderful place to enjoy an exquisite meal. Not to mention the wonderfully relaxing lobby and bar…Guests love to congregate in the Oberwaid’s tastefully appointed and masterfully designed spaces.

As far as the star of the show, the food itself, the region has nothing quite like it. Sourcing local ingredients and adding their delectable flair, the chefs at the Oberwaid, spare no expense to make sure that guests to this St. Gallen based restaurant enjoy a flavourful, one-of-a-kind taste experience.

From starters and appetizers that make wondrous culinary use of venison, seafood and a bevy of cheeses, to entrees that showcase brilliant Swiss favourites such as salmon and robust, local vegetables, the food here will leave you speechless.

A true gem in the quaint and historic lakeside town of St. Gallen, this restaurant perfectly takes advantage of the breath-taking views of Lake Constance, of the beautiful local park, and pretty much, of everything that the city has to offer. So whether relaxing on the terrace, engaged in stimulating conversation in the lobby and bar area, or seated in the bright and spacious dining room enjoying some of the best regional cuisine, your experience of the Oberwaid will be one that you remember for years to come.

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