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Experience the Fabulous Weather in St. Gallen 2018

St. Gallen experiences all the seasons, which is why people will want to travel there at multiple times of the year. After all, seeing Old Town in the spring is much different than seeing it in the winter around the holidays or in the middle of the summer’s hot sun.

The winter season normally begins in November and runs straight through until April. The temperatures drop during this time of the year with the coldest temperatures happening during the month of February. The average temperature during this season is between zero and four degrees Celsius. There is less precipitation during this time of the year, but it still occurs, and due to the cold temperatures, it can come down as snow. The normal precipitation rate for these months averages out to approximately seventy millimeters each month, and that can equate to a beautiful snowy landscape.

Spring occurs during the months of May and June and this is when temperatures begin to climb a little bit as the precipitation increases. The average temperature during these months is between twelve and fifteen degrees Celsius and the precipitation climbs to more than one hundred millimeters.

What could be considered hot temperatures begin in St. Gallen during the months of July and August, with the hottest temperatures experienced in the latter. The summer is when the precipitation really climbs as well, and it is considered the rainiest part of the year. The temperatures can reach eighteen degrees Celsius before receding back down to between eight and thirteen for the months of September and October. The rain also decreases during those two fall months, which is a welcome reprieve from all those rainy and slightly miserable summer days.

A little rain should never stop a person from traveling anywhere, but those who despise it tremendously will want to avoid St. Gallen during July, which is the rainiest month. In fact, those people will want to plan on visiting this area in February, which is considered the driest month of the year.

There is a plethora of things to do outdoors when in St. Gallen, so everyone will want to be prepared for the weather that they will be encountering when they are there. Since the warmest days are normally during the month of August, people would pack significantly differently than they would for the coldest days which occur in February.

During the winter months, people can explore the indoor attractions like the numerous museums and the Abbey. People can also go skiing at Atzmännig, so that they can say that they have skied in Switzerland.

Atzmännig is also a great destination during the summer months, as there are numerous summertime activities for people to enjoy. The Rope Park, Toboggan Run, Adventure Park, and the Birds of Prey Shows are just a few of the activities there. Of course, there is also the Botanical Gardens and the Peter and Paul Wildlife Park that everyone loves walking through during the warmer months of the year.

There is no steadfast rule that a person cannot spend time indoors during warm weather or outdoors during colder weather, so no one will never need to worry about missing out on anything when they are visiting the St. Gallen area. In fact, it is dependent on a person’s comfort level and how well they packed as to what they will be able to do.

The Oberwaid St. Gallen can offer a lot of assistance to anyone who stays with them, as they want to ensure that every one of their guests has the best time while on their vacation. This extraordinary experience begins with an amazing room that is complete with all the amenities of home and continues with ensuring that people have everything that they need to accomplish their goals for their trip.

The Wellness Clinic can help people who may come down with a cold or those who have ailments that may make it difficult to enjoy their time in St. Gallen. The staff at the Wellness Clinic treats everyone individually, so that each person has the ultimate experience and an incredible recovery.

The spa at the Oberwaid St. Gallen can also help ensure that a person is relaxed and rejuvenated before they leave town. The heated indoor pool can be enjoyed at any time, but many people will want to take advantage of the numerous massage and body treatment options that are available. Each treatment can be personalized, so that everyone gets the results that they want and need.

The Oberwaid Restaurant offers delicious cuisine with a ton of flavor. Most of these meals include venison, seafood, and cheese, but every dish has hearty vegetables included. These vegetables are locally grown, and they are part of the SMART food concept that the hotel incorporated to keep their guests healthy.

The days can be busy in St. Gallen, but the evenings do not need to be, especially when people are spending time at the Oberwaid Restaurant. Everyone’s evening can begin in the bar and lounge area, where people can meet while enjoying a drink or two. They offer a large selection of wines and beers, plus they have numerous spirits for a wide variety of cocktails.

Once happy hour is complete, guests can move into the spacious dining room, where they will enjoy a fabulous dinner without interruption. No meal should ever be rushed at the Oberwaid Restaurant, so people will want to block out plenty of time for their meal. The entire process should be savored just as much as the food itself.

There really is never a bad time of the year to visit St. Gallen, although, people will want to be prepared for the weather. They experience the same weather as many other places in the world, so it should not be a surprise that they have cold temperatures, rain, and even snow during some parts of the year. Travelers can have the best experience in St. Gallen if they plan to go during the season that best suits their wants. This includes going during the summer for warm weather if people love the heat, or going during the winter if people want to experience the best skiing opportunities that the area has to offer.