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The Exciting Carnival in St. Gallen

Carnivals are held all over the world, and they were created to bring fun and excitement to the communities where they are held. In St. Gallen, the next carnival will be held from February 8th through the 13th, and it will be full of activities.

Every year, the carnival committee strives to make the carnival in St. Gallen bigger and better than the year before. They create a brand-new poster for every year, and it seems like each one is more amazing than the one that was displayed the year before.

The carnival booklet also changes each year, and that also seems to get larger with each passing carnival. The reason for that is that more activities are being held during the carnival. Plus, more information is being placed in the booklet to allow people to get a true understanding of all the excitement that the carnival offers.

One of the favorite activities during the carnival in St. Gallen is the parade that winds through the city streets. The parade is full of colorful floats and people marching and dancing along the way. The route for the parade normally begins at Vadianstrasse and continues along until is reaches Marktgasse, Vadian, Marktplatz, and Bohl. It is there that the parade ends, and the rest of the day’s activities can begin.

During the carnival, there is also a separate children’s parade, so that the children can be the focus. All the children look adorable as they march along and dance in the streets as they wander along the parade route. At the end of the children’s parade, there is a party as well as a mask award.

Carnival music can be heard from the numerous bands that play on the streets and the stages. There are three stages that the bands play on, and there are two main locations where bands play out on the street. The highlights of the music are always the Schnitzelbank songs, which make fun of anyone and everyone, but that music is normally heard within the pubs. While the music is playing, people will be seen dancing out in the audience, while laughing and having a great time.

The parish carnival masquerade ball is held in the church of St. Maria Neudorf, and the highlight of the evening is the unveiling of who received the mask award. Of course, there are other masquerade parties held throughout St. Gallen during the carnival, so it is quite possible for a person to be the winner of more than one mask award.

As people are wandering through the streets during the carnival, they will wind up in Old Town where they can see many different pieces of stained glass.

While there is plenty to eat and drink during carnival, not everyone is going to want to spend their time focusing on the food there. In fact, many people go to simply listen to the music, walk around, and watch the parades. Once they have completed their mission, they will be quite hungry and ready for a sit-down meal at a cozy restaurant.

Thankfully, the Oberwaid restaurant in St. Gallen is near the carnival and they serve amazingly delicious cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. After a pleasant and fulfilling carnival experience, people are encouraged to begin with a drink at the bar and lounge of the Oberwaid restaurant. They have a large range of wine and beer, as well as a plethora of spirits that make the best cocktails.

Once everyone feels nice and relaxed, a staff member can lead them to their table for a dinner that they will remember forever. Diners will want to begin with the delectable soup of the day before diving into a main course of venison plate Diana with buttered spaetzli, red wine pear, cranberries, sweet chestnuts, mushrooms, and Brussel sprouts. The Oberwaid cordon bleu, black tiger shrimps acqua pure, and whole sole are a few other tasty choices.

No one will ever want to leave the Oberwaid Restaurant without sampling some of their fantastic desserts. The crema catalana with berry sorbet and exotic fruits is a good choice, as is the passionsfrucht curd-schnitte.

After dinner, everyone will want to head back to their hotel for the night, so that they can begin the next day refreshed. There are many hotels in St. Gallen that are wonderful, but the Oberwaid St. Gallen is one of the best. The hotel is surrounded by trees and fits perfectly in the landscape of Lake Constance.

Some people may only stay at the Oberwaid St. Gallen hotel for a couple of days when they are visiting the area, but others will stay for a week or two, so that they can completely recharge. A guest’s day can begin in the fitness center or the spa, and can be followed by an amazing meal that features their SMART cuisine concept. Guests can then do as they wish during the rest of their day, whether it is sitting by the pool and relaxing or going out to explore the streets and sights of St. Gallen.

The Oberwaid St. Gallen is all about being healthy and staying healthy, so they strive to offer the best of everything to their guests. In addition to the delicious cuisine and the fitness center and spa, there is a world-class medical center on-site where people can go for anything that ails them. Whether it is an old injury or medical condition, or a new one that just occurred, the staff at the medical center can help.

No one ever leaves the Oberwaid St. Gallen tired, stressed, or in complete disarray. In fact, most people feel like that just experienced the best vacation in the world and they cannot wait to return for some more rest, relaxation, pampering, and more.

Thankfully, the carnival in St. Gallen happens once a year, so everyone can go back and relive their experiences again. Although, everyone will do more during each subsequent visit, since the carnival committee works so hard to make each year a new extraordinary experience that no one will want to miss.