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Bodensee Getaway – From one experience to the next…

Short weekend getaways are amazing, and they are just what everyone needs to recharge, so that they are refreshed the following week. While there are many destinations around the world that people can choose from, Bodensee is one of the best for many reasons.

One of the first reasons why people should consider the area of St. Gallen for their Bodensee getaway is the beauty. The region is magnificent, and everyone will find themselves much more relaxed just by stepping foot in the town.

Of course, no one can discount the fabulous Oberwaid Hotel Bodensee and the excellent customer service that it offers its guests. This hotel is the perfect spot for any weekend getaway, as it is nestled out away from the hustle and bustle of the busier areas, yet close enough to reach everything quickly.

The Tau Spa is available for a morning or afternoon massage or guests can choose to spend their entire day there if they wish. The possibilities are endless at the Oberwaid Hotel Bodensee and guests can choose to do whatever they wish when they are there.

While spending the entire weekend at the hotel might seem like heaven, everyone will want to venture out to explore the quaint little town of St. Gallen. The Abbey Cathedral of St. Gall should be at the top of everyone’s list, as it was constructed during the 18th century and has numerous intricate ornate details.

Views of Lake Constance can be seen from the spectacular Peter and Paul Wildlife Park, which stays open throughout the year. As people are strolling through this park, they will see wild cats, lynxes, marmots, red deer, wild boars, Alpine ibexes, and fallow deer roaming in wildlife enclosures.

More animals can be seen in the St. Gallen’s Natural History Museum, but those will be on display in exhibits. The most famous animal in the museum is the Nile crocodile that was captured back in 1623, but many people also enjoy looking at the skeleton of the edmontosaurus, even though it is not complete.

No Bodensee getaway is complete without a stop at St. Gallen’s Botanical Garden and its eight thousand plants. There are two greenhouses where plants from other climates grow and they are filled with orchids, cactuses, palms, and ponds with water lilies. The outside is just as wonderful during the summer months, when the lilies in the ponds are blooming.

A few hours of a Bodensee getaway can be spent touring the Schützengarten brewery. It is the oldest brewery in Switzerland and people can take a tour to see how they brew their beer now compared to how it was done when they opened in 1779. Everyone will want to stop into the beer bottle museum before they leave, so that they can see more than three thousand beer bottles from over a hundred different Swiss beer makers. Some of those beer bottles are made from clay and date back one hundred and fifty years.

There are so many options when it comes to a Bodensee getaway, and people will have fun choosing the activities that they can do while they are there. The staff at the Oberwaid Hotel Bodensee can assist in making these Bodensee getaways perfect and all guests need to do is ask.