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The Alps and Swiss Spas – A Guide to Luxury Holiday Retreat

Bodensee – or Lake Constance, as some will know it – is a perfect summer destination for those who enjoy swimming, hiking, cycling, sailing, and water sports. Not only that, but Bodensee is also surrounded by picturesque and luxurious resort towns, some of which being year-round tourist magnets, others being more secluded and exclusive.

Some of the best hotels in Swiss Alps are ringed around Bodensee. And as many guests would agree, these hotels are pretty much a destination in and of themselves. Breathtaking scenery, fresh air, and all the possibilities to either exercise or relax your body and mind are paired with gourmet or local and international cuisine, entertainment for all age groups, and irreproachable service from intensely trained hotel liaisons and general staff that are always ready to take care of your every need.

A luxury Swiss holiday retreat comes with all that you would expect it to come with, and this means impeccable service from the moment you first put your foot on the ground to the very last moment before you leave. Between those two moments in time, it would truly be a waste if you were not to take advantage of the marvellous health and beauty treatments that are available here for you.

Spa Bodensee – A long bath in pure, mineral-rich spring water when the sun is sizzling outside, or a healthy sweat to detox your body in an outside sauna when the cold outside suddenly puts you in the mood for a good old cup of hot tea are simply godsends, especially when vacationing in Switzerland, where they really do know how to bring things up a notch in terms of service and authenticity. Enjoy some fresh organically grown fruit and veggies combined with some of the best local Swiss cheeses, and maybe some of that delightful original Swiss chocolate, while you go through your day from massage to massage, and treatment to treatment, sipping glass after glass of your favourite drink. Any and all of the spas alongside Lake Constance will offer you the possibility to do just so.

Enjoying yourself while on a luxury holiday retreat in the Alps is not by any means a sort of challenge. Nonetheless, in order to have the guarantee of a vacation that will raise to your expectations, you should always check the reputation of the hotel you choose to make your stay with, and preferably choose an establishment that has an in-house spa, and that can accommodate you by offering all the other perks you’re planning on taking advantage of. It is always optimal that you check these kinds of things before making any reservations, simply because a last minute hotel change that could’ve otherwise been easily avoided may end up being rather problematic, and you may have an unpleasant surprise finding out that all the top hotels are fully booked.

All in all, one thing is for sure, if you were to book a luxury holiday retreat, Bodensee is certainly one of those true safe bets that you can make.