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Accommodation in Bodensee

St. Gallen is a wonderful place to visit as there is so much history to experience in the area. However, in addition to all that, people will find that they will also fall in love with the Oberwaid Hotel Accommodation Bodensee. This hotel is tucked away into the natural landscape of the Lake Constance area, so it is quite serene at any hour of the day.

Once guests enter the hotel, they are greeted by open spaces as well as quite the hospitable staff, who strives to make everyone’s stay wonderful. The rooms and suites are spacious with large bathrooms and they all include the little extras that make them feel like home.

During a stay at the Oberwaid Hotel Bodensee, guests will want to stroll along the gardens, which are filled with trees, shrubs, and fragrant flowers. Everyone will love discovering the benches that are hidden in little nooks throughout, as they are the perfect spots to sit and relax for a while. The most popular feature within the gardens is the grotto to the Virgin Mary and it has always been known as a place for meditation.

Everyone will love the Tau Spa at the Oberwaid Hotel Bodensee, and it may actually be one of the number one reasons why people choose this hotel. People can choose to spend an hour or an entire day receiving luxurious spa treatments that are personalized just for them. In addition to the spa treatments, guests can also use the swimming pool, whirpool, and steam room to continue on their journey to a fully relaxed self.

No one will have to venture too far for a fine dining experience when they stay at the Oberwaid Hotel Bodensee. The on-site Oberwaid Restaurant is known by travelers from around the world and the chefs serve only the best in gourmet cuisine. The dining area has high ceilings and numerous windows that let in a lot of natural light, yet guests still feel like they are having intimate dinners when they are there. The servers ensure that everyone has an excellent experience in the restaurant, and that starts the minute that they walk in the doors.

The food that is served includes local favorites and it incorporates other delicious ingredients as well. The chefs believe that the flavors of each ingredient should be tasted instead of being overwhelmed by too many seasonings. The result is amazing cuisine that melts in a person’s mouth, making them want more.

One of the unique features of the Oberwaid Hotel Bodensee is the private clinic that people from around the world come to use. This state of the art clinic focuses on the individual and what is best for their care, and the staff can treat many different ailments. Anyone who has been experiencing medical issues without any relief should consider a visit to this clinic, not only for a second opinion, but a new outlook for their future.

The Oberwaid Hotel Bodensee is the best when it comes to where a person should stay in St. Gallen, and everyone will feel at home as soon as they arrive. In fact, they may feel so comfortable, they might want to stay a little longer than they originally planned.