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The Fabulous Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen

There is quite a bit for people to see when they first arrive in Saint Gallen, but the first thing that everyone seems to spot is the Abbey of Saint Gall. That shouldn’t be surprising, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s amazingly beautiful.

Once people have had their first glimpse of this marvelous cathedral, they will want to take a few minutes to check into their hotel. The Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen is a fabulous choice, as it is a hotel and wellness center all in one.

As soon as a person walks into the spacious lobby of the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen, they will feel calm and relaxed. That feeling will not change as they walk to their luxurious room with all the amenities they could ever want or desire.

The staff at the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen is amazing, and their goal is to ensure that every guest enjoys their stay immensely. Guests are encouraged to partake in treatments at the spa or visit the medical center for exceptional care.

After everyone has unpacked at their hotel, it will be time to start exploring St. Gallen. The fabulous Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen is a great place to begin. This museum was opened in 1985 and it moved from one building to another until it reached its final home at Davidstrasse 40.

The goal of the museum is to give artists and everyone else the opportunity to use art as a form of release with all the discourse that is seen in the world. The very first Artistic Director of Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen to achieve that goal was Josef Felix Müller. He was followed by Dorothea Strauss, Gianni Jetzer, and currently Giovanni Carmine.

More than four hundred and fifty artists have had their works of art on display at the Kunst Halle Sanky Gallen. There are usually four or five exhibits throughout each year, plus the museum hosts workshops for schools as well as other forms of art education.

The next exhibit that will be on display is Fredrik Værslev’s Tan Lines. Fredrik Værslev is a Norwegian artist who expresses himself in his paintings. However, he has a unique way of finishing each one. There are times that he will hang a canvas out on a tree for months to see what the weather will create with it, but he will offer other paintings to colleagues to see what they can add to it to make it their own.

There are two new work groups included in Fredrik Værslev’s new exhibit. The first new group includes multiple canvases hung together to create an amazing piece that looks quite like a sail of a boat. The artist cut up pieces of new art work along with old, when he noticed that together they would make a unique piece.

The second group is one that Fredrik Værslev has been working on for many years. The wooden boards act as a canvas and they are mounted on metal frames to create Garden Paintings. Each wooden board has numerous coats of varnish and polish on top, which ensures that the entire piece glistens in the light.

Past exhibits have included Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier’s Together, Yuri Pattison’s Trusted Traveller, Vanessa Billy’s We Dissolve, and Jill Magid’s The Proposal. Most exhibits are available for approximately three months, before they are removed and the next one takes its place.

Since the exhibits change quite frequently at the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, everyone has a chance to see something new while they are there. Guided tours are offered during each exhibit, and there is no charge for the public tours. However, private tours are also available for a fee, and these tours can be done outside of the normal tour times. Private tours also allow for a more in-depth experience with a smaller number of people.

Workshops are available for every exhibit that is on display in the museum and they each last approximately one and a half hours. These workshops are a wonderful way to incorporate movement and crafts into the learning experience, which keeps people focused and interested.

Young children have the opportunity to be creative during the afternoon at the museum. They are able to draw, paint, and do crafts about the current exhibit or anything else that they are drawn to. The goal is to allow these children to show their creativity in as many ways as possible and keep them interested in the world of art.

Art lunches and art snacks are also available, and people are encouraged to explore the museum before sitting down to eat either a meal or a snack that were prepared by artists. Each dish looks like a piece of art, and while it is amazing to look at, everyone thinks that it tastes even better.

After spending some time at the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, many people will want to return to the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen for a little downtime. After all, wandering through an art museum can be tiring. People can take a short break and then venture down to the bar and lounge of the Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen.

The bar offers an extensive wine list as well as numerous beers and spirits. People can sit and relax or mingle with other guests while they are enjoying their drinks, before heading over to the dining room for a delicious meal.

The perfect start to a meal at the Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen would be the pumpkin scallop variation or the lamb’s lettuce. For the main course, guests may want to choose the truffle tortellini or the venison stew. No one will want to leave before trying one of the amazing desserts, including the crema catalana or the passionsfrucht curd-schnitte.

Exploring museums is one of the best parts of St. Gallen and the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen is one of the best. It may not show the history of the city, but it does show the history of some of the creative people who lived there over the years.