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Explore History in the Old Town in St. Gallen

In the middle of St. Gallen in Switzerland is the historic center of Old Town. This charming Old Town is full of cobblestone streets that people will enjoy walking along as they are exploring. Everyone will love the magnificent squares that form where the streets meet as well, since they are full of people to meet and talk to.

Learning about the history of Old Town is as easy as walking around and wandering in and out of the numerous cafes and boutiques. However, the most unique attractions are the oriels that are used to decorate the numerous homes of the Spisergasse, Marktgasse, Kugelgasse, and Schmiedgasse areas.

There is no right or wrong way to explore Old Town, but many people will prefer to take one of the guided walking tours. These tours go through both the Old Town and the Abbey District, but guests can also choose to include a tour of one or more of the museums in the area at the same time.

During a person’s time near Old Town, they will not want to miss the spectacular Abbey of Saint Gall. The abbey is long dissolved, but it has been a beautiful cathedral since 1848. Everyone will be enthralled as they walk through this amazing building, especially when they learn that it has been used by people continuously for twelve centuries.

The library of the Abbey is the most visited space as it is the best medieval library in the entire world. The library was founded by Saint Othmar, who also founded the Abbey, and it is quite special since it survived a fire that destroyed the Abbey in 937. The book collection within the library is the oldest in Switzerland and there are approximately 160,000 books in all. More than two thousand of the books date back to the 8th through 15th centuries, while over sixteen hundred books were printed before the year 1500. Most of the books in the library can be perused by the public, but every book that was published prior to 1900 must be read in a special room. That room is also where the manuscript B of the Nibelungenlied is kept.

While many people love the Textile Museum and all the materials on display, others may prefer the Museum of History and Ethnology. That is where they can see reproductions of St. Gallen rooms that are set up with furnishings from the 16th to the 18th centuries. It is quite interesting to see what furnishings were used during that time as well as how much everything has changed or stayed the same since then.

The Beer Bottle Museum at the Schützengarten Brewery is another fascinating place for people to visit. This brewery is the oldest brewery in Switzerland and the museum displays three thousand beer bottles from two hundred and sixty Swiss breweries. While the bottles from the new specialty breweries are nice, no one can believe how unique the clay bottles from one hundred and forty years ago are.

An open-air market is held every Wednesday and Saturday in Marktplatz, and there is an abundance of flea markets during the summer and fall seasons. Between those markets and all the boutiques and quaint shops, everyone has a large number of shopping opportunities around and near Old Town.

Just outside of Old Town is the Bleicheli quarter, which used to be where multiple textile factories were located. Nowadays, this area is the financial district, complete with too many banks and insurance companies to count. Not too many people want to visit financial districts while they are exploring new parts of the world, but the city created the Stadlounge to solve that dilemma and draw more people to the area. The Stadlounge looks and feels like a public living room where people can sit and hang out with family and friends. The ground is a bright red as is all the furniture, and at night, orb shaped lights are illuminated from above. Everyone will love the fact that they can meet up with anyone in this space and even introduce themselves to others who are hanging out at the same time.

When people are visiting Old Town in St. Gallen, they will need a place to stay. One of the best luxurious destinations is the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen as it offers amazing guest rooms along with an exceptional staff. The Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen is situated in a park like setting near Lake Constance and every space is surrounded by the beauty of nature.   While the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen is a perfect stop for accommodations, many people also choose this destination for its spa facilities, wellness center, and excellent fitness space.

The Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen in located at the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen, and this is where guests can dine in a warm and cozy space within the expansive building. The staff at the Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen treats everyone like family and will even offer suggestions as to what each person should eat for their meal. After all, they know that there are numerous selections available and that it can be difficult to choose just one or two items. Each dish contains simple flavours that will explode in a guest’s mouth as they taste ingredients that include venison, seafood, vegetables, and cheeses.

Not everyone will want a complete meal at Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen all the time, but they may want to enjoy a drink or two from its phenomenal bar and lounge. The bar at the Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen is stocked quite well with a large selection of beer, numerous international wines, and quite a few spirits choices. The bartenders can mix any type of drink while also carrying on an intriguing conversation with any of their customers.

No one will want to miss the history or marvellous architecture of the Old Town when they are near St. Gallen. The entire area is fabulous and once people start exploring, they will find that they are never going to want to leave.