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Explore While Hiking Mount Säntis

Mount Säntis is the massive mountain that is found between Lake Whalen and Lake Constance. It is the highest mountain of the Appenzell Alps and it reaches approximately 2,502 meters above sea level. While this mountain is not the highest in the world, it does offer some amazing panoramic views of the land below.

The temperatures on Mount Säntis are quite stable throughout the year with average lows reaching thirteen degrees Fahrenheit and average highs reaching forty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. Those cold temperatures ensure that most of the precipitation falls as snow and they average more than four hundred inches every year. The summer months of July and August see the least amount of snow, while the months of November through April see the most.

Due to the extreme weather conditions on Mount Säntis, a weather station was constructed on the summit in 1882. A person has continuously monitored that station since it was installed, so that accurate weather can be shared on a daily basis.

Many people will hike the mountain at any time of the year, but each season brings its own natural beauty to the mountain. During the summer, people will discover amazing plants and flowers growing, while also seeing the animals that live in the region. Mountain tours are also popular during the summer months, and those are a wonderful way to learn everything about this spectacular mountain.

For those who plan on hiking Mount Säntis, there are a couple of routes that are highly recommended. The Lisegrat is a route that has been secured by steel cables and it leads directly to the Rotstein Pass. A separate path leads all the way to Ebenalp, while numerous paths can be found on the western side of the mountain.

The winter months and the snow make it more challenging to hike up to the summit of Mount Säntis, but that does not keep people away. Instead, they gather to go skiing, snow shoeing, or take a sleigh ride. The cable car also operates year-round, so people can still reach the summit quite easily. This cable car offered the first ride to the summit in 1935 and it hasn’t stopped since.

The cabins of the cable car have been replaced a couple of times over the years, with the most recent ones being installed in 2000. People can board the cable car every thirty minutes and the entire ride of 2,307 meters takes approximately eight minutes to complete. During the ride, everyone will also find themselves climbing 1,123 meters in altitude.

Once a person finally reaches the summit, no matter which route they take, they will be met with views that continue on for miles, including into Germany and Austria. Everyone who has been at the top has stated that the best time to go is early in the morning or later in the day as the sun is rising or setting in the sky. The sun offers a spectacular glow over Lake Constance, and many other destinations at those times of the day. Another fantastic time to be on the summit is when the moon is full and bright in the dark nighttime sky.

After a long day exploring Mount Säntis, people will want to take some time to relax and catch their breath. The Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen is the perfect destination, as it is close to the mountain, yet it is does not seem crowded and it is very quiet. The entire Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen offers a serene setting with large spaces that are surrounded by tranquil natural beauty.

Guests can return to their luxurious room at the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen, after their time on Mount Säntis, and either take a nap or sit and think about their day’s adventures. Some people may even think ahead and plan a magnificent spa treatment for the afternoon, since hiking and exploring can take a lot out of a person. The perfect afternoon at the spa would include some time in the outdoor heated whirlpool before being whisked away for a quiet massage. After that, a person can sit in the steam room for a few minutes and then end their time in the spa garden.

Of course, not every day on Mount Säntis will end perfectly, and some people may need to visit the wellness clinic at the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen. This private clinic offers state of the art medical treatment in all forms. While some people may visit because they were injured, others may take the time to see someone to prevent an accident from occurring. Rehabilitation is another option that this clinic offers, and they can create a plan for anyone who is suffering from an injury or other medical condition.

Once a person is nice and relaxed, they will usually head down to the Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen to enjoy a drink and a meal. Some people will venture right into the dining room, while others will begin at the bar. It doesn’t matter where a person is though, as they both offer fabulous cocktails and drinks that everyone will enjoy.

The bar and lounge offers a cozy atmosphere where it is possible to meet other guests and discuss everyone’s day. The dining area is slightly different with its large rooms, high ceilings, and numerous large windows. That makes the dining area feel open and spacious, yet it still has an intimate and romantic feel at the same time.

The food at the Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen is delicious, and no one will ever be disappointed with any of their meals there. However, everyone will need to try the delicious Sunday BBQ that is offered every week.

The BBQ begins with a large antipasti buffet that is full of oriental couscous, grilled shrimp, grilled peppers, artichokes, eggplants, and much more. The main course of the BBQ includes pulled pork that has been cooked for eighteen hours as well as different types of steaks and fish. Potatoes and vegetables are also prepared on the grill, so that the flavors explode when mixed together as a person is eating.

Every Sunday BBQ is finished with a delectable selection of homemade patisserie, of which everyone gets to choose their favorites.

Spending time on Mount Säntis is as amazing as the time a person will spend at the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen and the Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen. However, Mount Säntis offers more spectacular views as well as a plethora of adventurous activities that everyone will enjoy.