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Enjoy Amazing Chocolate at Schoggiland

Schoggiland is the visitor’s center at the fascinating Maestrani factory at Flawil. Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen AG has been creating and producing chocolate since 1852 and approximately one third of their chocolate is exported to other countries. All their products use the brand names Maestrani, Minor, Munz, and numerous private labels, so there is a chance that everyone has tried it before.

The founder of the company was Ludovico Aquilino Maestrani, who learned the art of making chocolate from his father. Prior to opening his business, he spent years traveling and learning more about chocolate. His first shop was in Lucerne, but he moved it to St. Gallen in 1859. The business was in numerous buildings over the years until it reached its final location in Flawil between 2003 and 2004.

Public tours of the factory are available every day throughout the year, but most people will want to visit during the week when the production line is operational. The tour is approximately an hour long and in addition to watching the production line, people are able to meet the show chocolatier and sample different types of chocolates. Guests can even choose to decorate their own personal chocolate bar at the end of the tour for an additional fee.

One of the most fascinating parts of the tour experience is seeing the one-hundred-meter-long chocolate machine. While people are watching the machine work, they are listening to different facts and figures about cocoa, chocolate, and how world trade works.

At the end of a tour at Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen Ag, everyone will want to stop in at the Schoggi-Shop. This is where people can purchase more than three hundred different types of chocolate products, souvenirs, and delectable gift ideas.

Anyone that doesn’t want to participate in a tour can still get an up-close view of the chocolate production. Inside Schoggiland, everyone can stand along the eighty-meter viewing gallery. There are different windows there that include not only close-ups of the entire process, but also explanations as to what is being done.

While visiting this chocolate shop is perfect at any time of the year, it is even more special when it is someone’s birthday. They do host birthday parties for children, so anyone who is in the area during birthday time will want to consider this unique type of party. After all, what child or adult for that matter, would be able to resist the opportunity to sample some of the best chocolate in the world?

This chocolate company also offers unique chocolate molding and baking courses, so that everyone can learn more about the process. Different flavors of chocolate are used, and the molding process entails a large variety of shapes and sizes.

While the tour of the factory is only an hour, some people may be able to spend a good portion of their day at Schoggiland. Between the tour, tasting chocolates, watching from the viewing gallery, and learning how cocoa beans are processed and turned into chocolate, it can take some time to get through it all. The Schoggi-Shop can also take an hour or two, as people may want to stop and look at and smell each individual item.

However, once a person is finished at Schoggiland, they will probably be ready for a break in their day. Schoggiland may no longer be in St. Gallen, but that is where many people will want to stay during their time in the area.

The Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen offers luxurious accommodations that are surrounded by natural beauty. Guests will enjoy their stay, whether it is only a day or two, a week, or a month. The Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen offers more than just a room or a suite to its guests too. There is a fabulous fitness center, relaxing spa with world-class treatments, and a separate wellness clinic as well.

Guests can keep their workout routines on track when they utilize the fitness center, plus keep those muscles in a more relaxed state by partaking in a massage or two at the spa

No one will be ready for food right away, especially if they sampled quite a bit of chocolate at Schoggiland. However, many will want to imbibe on a drink of their choice in the lounge of the Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen. This restaurant is inside the Oberwaid Hotel St. Gallen, so no guest ever needs to travel too far. The restaurant has an extensive wine list, but guests can also order a delicious cocktail or any number of beers.

When everyone is finally hungry, they will want to sit down in the large and expansive dining area at the Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen. Everyone is treated like family at this restaurant, yet people can sit without worrying about conversations being overheard or interrupted.

The cuisine is astronomical and many of their dishes include ingredients like venison, different cheeses, home-grown vegetables, and different types of seafood. The ingredients might be simple in many of the meals, but the flavoring is intense, allowing every bite to explode as it melts in a diner’s mouth.

The Seeblick Restaurant St. Gallen is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, and the bar is open from morning till night. The menu does rotate with the seasons, but each day of the season offers the same cuisine.

Spending time at Schoggiland is a fascinating and exciting experience, especially since people are learning about a different type of history within the Flawil and St. Gallen regions. The chocolate shop is quite different than the Abbey of St. Gallen or any of the museums, but the information that people learn is just as wonderful. Plus, the chocolate tastes extraordinary.